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Why Tumblr Feminism Is Misguided »


I recently received some backlash for disagreeing with a feminist who defended the happenings of Tumblr, and so I decided to write this post. Despite believing in equal rights and circumstances for both sexes, I still hesitate to call myself a feminist, and here I attempt to explain why, targeting…


remember how in the books ginny weasley was a strong and independent female who took no shit and dated whoever she wanted to and was so nice to luna even though everyone else was a dick to her?

and in the movies she’s literally a limp mushroom.


from what i’ve seen the tolkien fandom is handling getting a popular movie and a wave of new fangirls a lot better than the marvel fandom did

like the marvel fandom was like “you didn’t read the comics? get out of here you poser”

and the tolkien fandom is just like “COME HERE FRIENDS, WE FEAST”